Top Bunk Media began with, Jason Tublewicz and Cameron Audet. Their love of music and video inspired the creation of Top Bunk Media in the fall of 2003, with a focus on live concert shoots. Since than they have produced videos for such bands as Silverstein, Engine Down, Stephen Kellogg, From Autumn To Ashes, The Turn It Ups, Eyes Like Knives, Starla, Theory of Regret, The Cheat, Interference and Silent Drive to name a few. With an already impressive line up, Top Bunk looks forward to working with you.


Below are a few places our work can be found:
afyos.gif silversteincd3
From Autumn to Ashes "Territorial Pissings" (live)
another year on the streets comp, track 7
Vagrant Records
Silverstein "When Broken Is Easily Fixed"
re-release bonus footage on dvd
Victory Records



Cameron Audet- Web and Video

Jason Tublewicz- Web and Video

Alex Wray - Live Sound

Scott DePiero- Video

Andrew Elder-Web and Video